There are many expenses to the Play It Safe project that need funding. Such as the Play It Safe project prints and distributes 75,000 Play It Safe booklets which can include your coupon advertisement. Play It Safe T-shirts and many other prizes are awarded to the graduates for free but our cost is immense! Remember the message of the Play It Safe Project to high school graduates is to have responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs. The challenge of providing these fun, and free activities is great considering the majority of the funding comes from private businesses and citizens whom sponsor this project. If you would like to become a sponsor, there are several ways you can help the Play It Safe Ocean City Project. First, you can assist with this project in its Eighteenth Anniversary this year by contacting us and sponsoring an event at your local business location. Second, you can make a monetary donation by clicking here. Third, you or your business can donate prizes for the competitions, or donate food, beverages or snacks. Fourth, your business can provide a coupon advertisement for the Play It Safe booklet “Passport to Fun” .  Remember as a Non-Profit, All of your donations are tax deductible.

 We couldn’t do it with out them, and you! Our Sponsors really make a difference. Please make donations by clicking here or mail to:

  Ocean City Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee Address:


P.O.Box 954

Ocean City, Maryland 21843

 Please scroll through the list below and visit our sponsors. This is just one of the ways we would like to show our appreciation and publicly thank them. 2009 Play It Safe participants can patronize our sponsors to show their appreciation!