Our Partners

 Our partners come from many different sources of Government and Professional Organizations. They have responded each year to the Play It Safe project, because they realize the value and importance of our youth. Still, we need your continued support. We also need more partners to help us continue to grow, and be able to continue  to provide a fun, free, safe environment.  If you are concerned about our youth, you can help with this extremely invaluable program too!

   The message of Play It Safe to high school graduates is to have responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs. The Play It Safe project prints and distributes 75,000 Play It Safe booklets because of the support of our partners.

Below is a list of the Play It Safe Partner Heroes.

 We couldn’t do it with out them. Our Partners really make a difference.

 Please scroll through the list below and check out our partners. This is just one of the ways we would like to show our appreciation and publicly thank them.

Play It Safe Ocean City’s

Government & Professional Partners:

Town Of O.C. MD.

Worcester County Health Department


Ocean City Police Dept.

Ocean City Police Department


Ocean City Recreation & Parks


Stephen Decatur High School Students Against Destructive Decisions

Walk Smart Cross Only At Cross Walks SHA

State Highway Admin. Be Calm Walk Smart! Cross Only At Crosswalks