In 1989, then Governor William Donald Schaefer asked the Mayor of Ocean City, Roland Powell, to set up a committee to fight the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in our community.  Thus, was born the Ocean City Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee Inc. that works in partnership with the Worcester County Health Department and the Town of Ocean City.  The committee was then and is now comprised of elected officials, town employees from the Town of Ocean City Police Department and Ocean City Recreation & Parks Department, Worcester County Health Department and Department of Juvenile Services personnel, local school administrators, and teachers, volunteers from community service organizations, and many caring and interested citizens.

    In 2002, Play It Safe was one of the featured projects that helped Ocean City win the “All American City” contest which is the oldest and most prestigious of America’s community awards.

    Play It Safe is for high school graduates who come to Ocean City to celebrate that milestone in their lives has been the committees major project for the past sixteen years.  In 2000, we developed a committee of student volunteers at Stephen Decatur High School (National Blue Ribbon School) which has become an inspiration to us.  Over the years, we have also been involved with the Red Ribbon Campaign, the Safe Homes project, various highway safety programs, a campaign to encourage merchants not to display T-shirts that are obscene or that encourage the abuse of alcohol or drugs, especially those with the blatant message to stay drunk all senior week.

    Currently, there are about 150 volunteers and students who work together to make the quality of life better for visitors and residents alike by discouraging the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the greater Ocean City community. The Ocean City Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee Inc. is proud to host its seventeenth year of providing a safe alternative for High School Graduates.