How You Can Help The Play It Safe Project!

THE MISSION OF PLAY IT SAFE is to encourage high school graduates to make informed, healthy choices while having responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs. PLAY IT SAFE sponsors free special alcohol and drug-free events during June honoring high school graduates who choose to celebrate their graduation in Ocean City, Maryland. Whether you are a participant, the parent of a participant, a current volunteer, or just a concerned citizen, The Play It Safe Ocean City project needs your help! There are numerous ways you can help the Play It Safe Project below are just a few.

  • Make a Donation– The cost of providing this project on an annual basis continues to increase each year. If you can send a donation either by clicking here or by mailing to:


P.O.Box 954

   Ocean City, Maryland 21843

  • Help Spread The Word- For going on our 27th year the Play It Safe Ocean City Project host each year well over 10,000 graduates providing free, fun, events for all of them. Yet, every year we are amazed how many have never heard of the Play It Safe Ocean City Project. One way you can really help the Play It Safe Ocean City Project is by word of mouth advertising. Please go around in your local community and help spread the word. Visit your local schools and inform the administrators and teachers about the project. Let art teachers in on the Poster Contest. Tell relatives who have future grads about this program. Tell your local press, and urge them to help spread the word!
  • Volunteer Your Time- PLAY IT SAFE ALWAYS NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! NO Experience Necessary – just an interest in working with young adults. NO long commitment – work as little as an hour or as much as you desire. On the job training. Enjoy working with friendly people, serving the community and being thanked by the nicest high school graduates you would ever want to meet. Check out the Calendar of Events, consider what events fit into your time schedule, and if interested please contact:
  • Obtain and View Our Video For Your School:

 A Grad’s Guide To Ocean City, Maryland

Video Now Available On Demand And DVD:

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Sponsored by:


The video is being offered for free

 to area schools and for Comcast

subscribers On Demand©! For

Comcast subscribers just go to

your On Demand© channel>Get

 Local >Specials>A Grad’s Guide

To Ocean City.

To find out more information about

obtaining a Free DVD Video for

your school have your school

administrator contact Town of

Ocean City Maryland Police

Department at (410) 723-6610.

  • Give Us Your Feedback-  Constructive criticism is a healthy way to improve so we welcome your comments. In fact, If you are a past participant we ask you to e-mail us your opinion of the program and thoughts about possible improvements. If you are just a concerned citizen with some constructive suggestions and feedback good or bad e-mail us at:

Like What You See Here? Start A Play It Safe Project In Your Community.- This 18year old project is becoming a national model for other communities around the country and if your interested in learning from us on how you can start a local branch of Play It Safe in your community please send us an e-mail at:

  • Last but not Least- Talk to your own kids about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Contact your local health department prevention coordinator for more information by clicking here. With this informed information you can easily convey to your child the consequences of making a poor decision when it comes to drugs and alcohol abuse!

Making the Play It Safe Project a success takes a community working hard together! If we can save one life from being ruined or ended by a poor decision it is worth it! Wont you help us today?