Just For Parents

Dear Parents:

Congratulations to the proud parents of this years graduate! This is an extremely exciting occasion for your son/daughter, and certainly for yourself, as well. This day has come all to soon, hasn’t it? Because of the support you have provided, your child is ready to “tackle the world”.

Graduation is certainly a time for celebration and we join you and your child in honoring this major life accomplishment. As Prevention Coordinators, we know there are some basics that will help to assure this celebration and other life experiences provide everyone with good, long-lasting memories.

We urge you to take a moment to discuss with your graduate the benefits/consequences of their decisions. This discussion should include the following:

Information/Education: Make sure your child is equipped with correct information about activities/behaviors that might affect their health and safety.

Expectations: Make them aware of your and every community’s expectations of responsible behavior.

Alternatives: Provide resources that your child may access for entertainment purposes and for assistance, such as proof of health insurance.

If your graduate selects Ocean City, Maryland, in which to celebrate, we hope he or she will take advantage of the free events of the Play It Safe project as one of the previously mentioned “alternatives”. This Safe project is for 2014 high school graduates only, and all of the events are free and include free food, give-aways and lots of fun, all without alcohol and other drugs.

Be sure to check out the list of Maryland Prevention Coordinators below. You are encouraged to bookmark this page for your personal reference. In addition you are encouraged to contact your local prevention coordinator to obtain more information about Play It Safe and other Prevention activities in your community.

Play It Safe is partnering with your family in its commitment to protect the health and safety of your graduate. Congratulations to you and your graduate!


Your Prevention Coordinator