2017 H.S.Seniors Can Ride the Bus At A Reduced Rate

H.S. Seniors Can Ride The Bus At A Reduced Rate

Current Year H.S. Seniors Be sure to purchase your Bus Ticket at a Reduced Rate

Each year thousands of Play It Safe Ocean City Graduates come to Ocean City Maryland to celebrate their graduation with us and save on bus fares! Grads be sure to take advantage of the Reduced Rate Bus Fare!

During your Senior Week, a $5 ticket can be purchased at the following locations:
Boardwalk Train Station
7 Days A Week Tram Booths 11am- Midnight,
(South First Street by Trimper’s Rides)
Boardwalk Train Station-
7 Days A Week Tram Booths 11am- Midnight,
(27th St. north end of Boardwalk)
City Hall- Mon- Fri 7am:-5pm
(3rd St. and Baltimore Ave.)
Public Safety Building
 7 Days A Week OCPD – 7:30am-4:30pm
(65th St. and Coastal Highway Bayside)
Northside Park Recreation Facility
Mon- Fri 7am:-4:30pm
(125th St. Bayside)
Note: Hours of Operation For Ticket Purchase At Each Town Of Ocean City Location Varies By Location And Are Subject To Change. 
Your ticket can be redeemed at any Play It Safe event for a wristband to ride the Ocean City bus ride the bus all week for just $5. 
Disclaimer & Restrictions Apply:YOU MUST BE A 2016 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE TO PURCHASE THE DISCOUNT RATE. Wristbands are issued and are valid for dates of that weeks events, not seven days from the day you recieve it. You can ride 24 hours a day but at the end of that weeks events you must purchase another ticket and redeem for a wristband.  In Other Words, if you attend during multiple weeks of Play It Safe events your wristband will expire at the end of the first week of events and a second wristband must be purchased for the following week of events in order to continue to ride the bus! At anytime a busdriver or Play It Safe Volunteer may request proper ID and deny access.
Please have valid identification available.